Department of Childhood Education

The department aims to educate people that acquire a broad expertise of educational knowledge. Students learn how to use practical and specialized abilities to exercise creativity and how to construct human relations in order to become qualified as primary education teachers

We train teachers who encourage children to learn, and who respect children’s personality and their opinions.

The primary education and nursery fields continue to evolve. Seeking to respond to these changing needs, Department of Childhood Education revamped its curriculum into a set of two courses from 2014. The two courses are Course of Childhood Education (100 members) and Course of Early Childhood Education and Care(40 members).

Department of Childhood Education's mission is to train educators who wish to become kindergarten and elementary school teachers or childcare workers. Our mission is to turn out competence teachers and childcare workers, who have “expansive specialized knowledge”, “creative and practical skills” and “person-to-person communication skills”. We focus on five disciplines and on real-world, experiential training. Our careful, attentive stance helps you realize your dream of becoming a teacher.


Course of Childhood Education

Educators are expected to design and practice classes that children find fulfilling their learning and to work closely with their needs and support their growth. Students in this course research educational materials and teaching methods in a real-world, practical fashion in order to think about issues in education and further understand child mentality and its development.

Course of Early Childhood Education and Care

Kindergarten teachers and childcare workers must be able to steadfastly observe children's behavior and take note of any changes, understand children's feelings, and offer appropriate support to aid in their growth. They also play a support role for parents, guardians, and the local communities in which they work. The course emphasizes not only theoretical training, but live, real-world education.

Morioka University is highly regarded as an actual education practitioner. Gain the practical skills you need by taking our unique teacher-training program.

In 2014, Department of Childhood Education was revamped into a two-course structure consisting of Course of Childhood Education and Course of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Course of Childhood Education offers licensing for kindergarten, elementary, and junior high school teachers, and curators. Course of Early Childhood Education and Care offers licensing, or certifications for childcare workers, kindergarten and elementary school teachers. One of the distinguishing features for both of our courses is that they offer considerable opportunities for practical, hands-on learning. Starting from their first year, students in Course of Childhood Education serve as volunteers at a nearby elementary school, and junior and senior students collaborate on the "Class Contest" and "Performance Contest," among other activities.

In 2015, we launched a new component for the training of English language educators for children. Course of Early Childhood Education and Care works directly with two kindergartens and fully uses these spaces for the practical training of students. Morioka University is highly regarded, has trained many of today's active educators, and is ready to support your future.








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