Career Support Center

Early preparation is essential for getting the job you want. Our integrated 4-year Career Support Program will provide you with a strong base of job-seeking skills.

To help students achieve their chosen career paths, we provide various courses and seminars as well as our own unique Career Support Program. In their first year, students can earn credits for "Career Design I, II" (Faculty of Humanities) as well as "Nutritional Overview" (Faculty of Nutritional Sciences) as specialized subjects.

In the first and second years, we focus on Career Formation Support. We help students deepen their understanding of themselves to set their own post-graduation career goals. We also aim to cultivate the kinds of job-seeking skills that all fields demand, as well as equip students with wide-ranging knowledge of society and working life. In the third and fourth years, we build a solid understanding of job seeking as a rite of passage to become a full-fledged member of society. Our thorough Career Support Program helps students achieve their dreams by giving them the skills and know-how to think and act on their own.

Teacher Education Support Center

Morioka University is one of only a few universities in Japan to have established a Teacher Education Support Center. Regardless of faculty or department, we give individual support to students aspiring to be teachers.

Through a comprehensive teacher-training curriculum and precise, individualized instruction, Morioka University has to date trained and supplied numerous teachers throughout the country. The performance of this system has been regarded highly in the educational community.

Centered around the "Teacher Education Support Center," which is a one-stop shop for aspiring teachers, the university's unique support program implements comprehensive teacher employment examination measures from the first year. Additionally, we hold "aspiring teacher seminars" in which active graduate teachers are invited to give advice on the employment examination, and seniors having already passed the exam share their expertise with their juniors. Besides these, other distinguishing characteristics of the Center is the fact that we create numerous opportunities for our students to experience and become familiar with the teaching environment while conducting their studies.








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