Department of Early Childhood Education

We train high quality educators and nurturers that bring out the wonderful, unique characteristics of children.

The Early Childhood Education Department is a course of study that trains people aiming to be kindergarten or preschool teachers. In a generation with diverse values, the substance of early childhood education is now being called into question.

At this institution, we aim to provide students with wide-ranging education and knowledge, sensitive practical skills, and communication skills. To achieve this goal, we have prepared a curriculum emphasizing a wide range of elective subjects and extracurricular training, as well as a thorough and detailed guidance system.


With over 40 years of results and a high local employment rate, we train nurturers with real skills.

The two years spent in junior college are a time of deep short-term growth. Our institution features many experienced staff members who know their field inside and out, as well as many graduates working on the front lines of early childhood education. For this reason, we have strong relationships with the educational institutions where our students are trained and eventually hired, and we have an established reputation for producing educators with practical skills.

We staff members truly enjoy and treasure our interactions with our students. It is our role to help them develop the qualities and talents they were born with. Conversation gives them opportunities to learn many things even outside of class, and that experience gives them confidence and strength. Let's do our best to become people who can survive any generation and any environment, and confident educators with real skills.








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