Department of English Language and Culture

The department aims to educate people who will be able to act responsibly and communicate effectively in the age of globalization by acquiring a practical ability in English and global cultural knowledge through the study of language, culture, and literature from the English-speaking world.

Living in a Global Society~ Language, culture, and receiving and conveying spirit. That is global communication

The Internet, which is now an integral part of our daily lives, spread throughout the world from America in the 1990s, but conversely, it caused a big change in the previously existing world view that was centered around America. A world without a center-anyone anywhere can become the center of the world. That is the Internet society. To become this center, communication ability is crucial. Language is necessary to create this ability, but so is culture, and the ability to receive and convey spirit.


This department creates people who can engage in true global communication centered around English, the common language of not only the West but also Asia and the entire world, with "communication in the global age" as the key words. The fundamental language and communication curriculum is developed into the three specialized areas of Global Communication, Linguistics, and Culture and Literature. Some courses assign the actual creation of a video program that is broadcast to the world from YouTube.

Develop your strength as a globally educated person in a cozy, international environment.

The lectures of this department are led by faculty who have lived and researched abroad, and who possess international awareness. This is because we want to teach not only the mastery of English, but also an understanding of the culture of the English-speaking world and its shared values, which is crucial to communicating with foreigners. Together with language skills, this cultural awareness will be an important strength in adapting to various situations, and succeeding in a globalized society. There are special high-level ST classes to further develop your English ability. The study abroad program is strong as well. Strive to become a global citizen in a cozy, international environment that is abuzz with English.








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