Department of Nutritional Sciences

The department aims to integrate the ideal of the humanistic science of nutrition with the methodology of education and the research of the humanities. This discipline is organized into four areas:
  1. Basic Scientific Research into Life and Nutrition
  2. Scientific Research into Food and Cooking
  3. Science of Nutrition
  4. Nutritional Research with Special Focus on the Tohoku Area

We cultivate mindful "dietitians" with the knowledge and skills to play a truly active role in their communities.

"Diet" is the root of human life and is deeply intertwined with human health. In order to become a specialist in this area, one must study the power that nutrition provides to the body and soul in great detail; it is also vital to develop a deep understanding of the human "body," as well as "community environment" and "culture" as they all factor into dietary habits.

We train an individual who can understand the link between diet and human, and support a healthy population through the science of "nutrition"

By studying various aspects of "diet" and viewing it from the perspective of regional attributes, local environment, and community culture, you will learn to be a dietitian capable of coordinating human and community health and providing individuals with specifically tailored nutrition management and guidance based on human nutritional sciences.


Aspiring to becoming a dietitian with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to our society

With a declining birthrate, aging population, and mutating disease structures, consistent methods are being sought to improve lifestyle habits in order to enhance health and prevent the onset and aggravation of lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Among the methods being sought are dietitians who can implement health management through diet and nutrition.

We encourage the expanded study of natural, cultural, and social sciences, which form the foundation of nutritional sciences. By doing so, we foster a human foundation and broaden scientific way of thinking, thus creating dietitians who can administer "health promotion" aimed at improving quality of life in areas such as health preservation, treatment, and well-being.








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