Department of Society and Culture

The department aims to educate people who deeply involve themselves with the societies and cultures around them, as well as learn how to act appropriately and responsibly in these situations by having them apply the knowledge learned from their studies of culture, society, and history.

Build your academic program your way. Study locally and succeed globally.

Today's increasingly international society requires an outlook that is global in scope. At the same time, it is essential to be able to drill down and understand things in a regional context. The Department of Society and Culture takes the large space that is both society and culture as its area of study and explores how society is changing today.

In addition to sociology, we employ methodologies from a wide range of disciplines like philosophy, cultural history, cultural anthropology, politics, archeology, and history. The curriculum consists of three core disciplines that allow students to gain a deeper, systematic focus. One of the unique features of our program is that students can enroll in specialist courses from an early point in their academic career. Aiming to give students the ability to assess problems, think critically, and put solutions into action, we go beyond theory and emphasize on-site surveys and fieldwork.


Transform yourself and look at society anew. This is the dynamism of culture.

Morioka University looks out upon Mount Iwate. The mountain reflects in brilliant detail the changing four seasons, providing our days at the school with an exquisite vista.

This stunning vista is all well and good, but dare to view from other standpoints. If so, you will notice that this too familiar scene is not the only appearance of the mountain. Try looking at it from a new angle, such as seen from below in Morioka. The mountain's impressive, craggy rock surface will amaze you. Next, try looking at it from Hachimantai and you will be greeted by the gentle, sloping lines of the mountain ridge.

In engaging with society, we need to take the very same attitude, namely seeing things not only from one familiar viewpoint but also from a range of stances. It needs first to try reinvent your standpoint daringly ― in other words, going beyond the narrow point of view bound with "here" and "now" and exploring issues in a free-ranging fashion, allowing yourself to learn from the knowledge cultivated in different places and times. This is the initial step of cultivating/culturing yourself, which means at the same time participating in, even creating our culture. The Department of Society and Culture gives you a range of vantage points to look across eras and places in a dynamic fashion. Society is like a great mountain before us, boasting many faces. We invite you to explore its many sides with us. When you one day step out onto the trail of mountain that is society, what you see there through a new lens will be sure to guide you on your journey.








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