Morioka University

Morioka University

Morioka University is organized by two faculties.

Faculty of Humanities

Objective of Education

  1. The faculty aims to be a center of academic research as well as a unique and appealing institution of education and research, with a deep appreciation of the Tohoku area of Japan.
  2. The faculty aims to educate students to become people with cultured minds and social capability who have an extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of their field of study. It is hoped that students will be able to show a level of high morality based upon the spirit of service and have practical competence to cope with the age of internationalization.
The university promotes the school motto, School Enriched with Dialogue, as the principle of action to realize the objective.

Department of English Language and Culture

The department aims to educate people who will be able to act responsibly and communicate effectively in the age of globalization by acquiring practical ability in English and global cultural knowledge through the study of language, culture and literature from the English-speaking world.

Department of Japanese Literature

The department aims to educate people about the language, culture, and literature distinctive to Japan from an international perspective, and to be able to handle various situations by utilizing the ability of Japanese to comprehend through the use of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will research Japanese literature and culture to gain a deeper understanding of Japan and form a cross-cultural awareness to cope with our internationalized society through their acquired knowledge and competence.

Department of Childhood Education

The department aims to educate people to acquire a broad expertise of knowledge, and to learn how to use practical and specialized abilities to exercise creativity and to construct human relations to become qualified as primary education teachers.

Department of Society and Culture

The department aims to educate people who deeply involve themselves with the societies and cultures around them, and to learn how to act appropriately and responsibly in these situations by having them synthesize their study of culture, society, and history.

Faculty of Nutritional Sciences

Objective of Education

The faculty aims to educate people who acquire a deeper scientific understanding of the life processes, to respect life and scientific truth, acquire an expertise of knowledge of health, nutrition and food, and to contribute to the progress of social well-being.

Department of Nutritional Sciences

The department aims to integrate the ideal of the humanistic science of nutrition with the methodology of education and research of the humanities. This discipline is organized into four areas.

  1. Basic Scientific Research into Life and Nutrition
  2. Scientific Research into Food and Cooking
  3. Science of Nutrition
  4. Nutritional Research with Special Focus on the Tohoku Area

Morioka Daigaku Junior College

Department of Early Childhood Education

The department aims to educate people who acquire not only the basic theory of education and infant well being, but who also understand the arts of early childhood music and culture that are appropriate for developing the minds of young children and infants. The department places a special emphasis upon enriched sensitivity, which is based on the college motto and the spirit of grace.








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